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Your Well-Being Is Worth Too Much To Risk

Helping You Make Plans For Your Comfort and Security Is In My DNA

I’ve been told that helping people plan for extended care in their home or in a facility is a part of my DNA!

After going through the challenges of being the care provider for both my husband at a young age (during a long convalescence) and my mother as she ages, I understand what a dramatic impact the weight of such intense care has on the ailing individual, the caregiver and other family members.

My personal experiences deepen the sense of gratification I feel helping others deal with a sensitive issue that they may have trouble facing alone.

Making Your Story A Happy One Is What I’m Here For

Since 1996, when I began in the long term care insurance field, I’ve heard so many stories from families who were unprepared and had to deal with the situation on their own – it was devastating to all family members.

Marian Bayham

Marian Bayham

I much prefer the client “success” stories I’m also privileged to share; when a spouse, adult child, or close friend lets me know the relief they felt that financial assistance and the coordination of services were handled when the time came that care was needed for their loved one.  The consequences of needing and providing long term care has a devastating impact on all those involved in the care.
Personal Care Is A Hallmark Of What I Do

My favorite part of what I do is the opportunity it gives me to connect with so many wonderful people – just like you - who entrust me with helping them plan for the future. Sometimes I find myself so absorbed in hearing about a client’s life, their family, and how I can help that we lose track of the time!

That sense of connection is what makes the relationship so valuable.

I have a deep personal as well as professional investment in meeting the needs of my clients. Your values and concerns about your situation become my values and concerns. I take pride in creating long term care insurance plans tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

Credentials And Affiliations

  • Long Term Care Professional (LTCP)
  • Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC)
  • Professional licensing for health and life insurance in 20+ states
  • On-going Continuing Education Units in long term care, Medicare supplements, life insurance, and senior services
  • American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI)
  • Alzheimer’s Association

Loving Long-Term Care Planning
 Is Our Passion

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